With right solution there is no need to change

Solotes is the right solution for all your workforce management needs. It’s easy to create cost effective and employee friendly schedules with Solotes. You can also track time and create needed reports for payroll and management. Solotes can be used in any industry due to the flexible configuration options.

With good scheduling you can assure that there is always the right amount of workforce, and your customers will get the best service. With Solotes you’ll be optimizing your staff for the needs of your business.

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Workforce management

Scheduling your workforce is a complicated optimization task. Solotes has been designed to help you with the work. There are multiple tools that save time and help you to get to the best schedule for everyone.

Planning the shifts according to the changing amount of customers can be challenging. Solotes helps you with several tools designed to tackle this challenge. You can insert a sales forecast to the system and Solotes will create work shifts based on it. With intelligent optimization system Solotes will assign the shifts to employees in the best possible way.

It is also possible to create repeating schedules that can be used for effective and fast workforce planning. With Solotes you have no more under or overstaffing issues.

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Tools for you

With Solotes you can be sure to follow the local laws and regulations. The system will warn you if the planned schedule is not compliant. Solotes also takes into consideration employee wishes, holiday planning and averaging period hours.

With Solotes you can see the cost of the planned schedule before publishing. All these tools help you to schedule a cost effective, compliant, and fair shift list.

If you want, you can do all the work by hand, but the intelligent automation tools have been designed to help and save time. Optimization will handle big part of the job so that you can go home in time even when the shift lists need to be published.

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Important part of Solotes system for employees is Vuorolistat.fi-service. Employees can view their own work shifts and make wishes to work at a certain time or to have the day off. You can also offer free shifts to staff through this service.

Vuorolistat.fi works in all browsers and the published schedules are visible there in real time. As an additional feature it also has its own clocking system. This way there is no need for separate time tracking system.

For management purposes the service has several different reports. It is useful to do a yearly report for work hours and compare those to last year or see the amount sick leave hours throughout the whole company. Vuorolistat.fi reports can be used to see statistics about the business, and they can provide helpful information for decision making.

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Time tracking

Important part of Solotes system is the tracking of the work shifts that have been done. You can easily record the work hours, sick leaves, changed work shifts and other needed information to the system.

This information is then used as basis for the payroll reports. This ensures that hours, over time, additional work, allowances, absences, etc. are always reported correctly to payroll. In addition to recording working hours, you can also record mileage and daily allowances as well as other benefits such as culture vouchers to Solotes. These will be sent to payroll together with the working hours.

You can also import clocking information to Solotes and compare that to the planned schedule.

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Payroll reports and integrations

The system can produce an encoded payroll report that is eligible for most salary payment systems in the market. When you create the salary report from Solotes, you can be sure that salaries are always paid according to the recorded working hours.

Solotes supports all collective labor agreements as well as local agreements. You can also have more than one collective agreement in use at one time.

With Solotes you can keep track of the hours during a balancing period. The system will report reliably the additional work and over time from the balancing period to the payroll

Solotes system is compatible with several time tracking and HR-systems, and it is possible also to integrate to internal reporting systems. You can get comprehensive reports of the working hours and Solotes also has support for annual leave system.

The more complicated your needs are the better advantage you get from Solotes.

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Expertise and customer support you can reach

We have a long experience in work force management and scheduling. From Solotes support you can always reach a real person with phone or email. We can solve problems and questions quickly and we know the Finnish labor law and collective labor agreements.

We always agree on updates with our customers and after an update we make sure that everything works as agreed.

Customer support is very important part of our business, and our customers are very pleased with our fast and reliable support.

Do you have questions about Solotes system? Please contact us with email solotes@solotes.fi. Your feedback is important to us.

Solotes Oy develops and sells work force management and scheduling software. Our goal is to provide tools that will make it easier to create and benefit from optimized work schedules. We aim to make the scheduling work easier for our customers and with great lists make sure their customers and employees are happy. With Solotes you get motivated and well rested employees. When workforce resourcing is easy you can focus on the other important tasks for your business.