Solution to staff scheduling problems

Solotes Finland Oy

Solotes is focused on producing software solutions for work time planning, management and reporting. Solotes has been developing, marketing, training and supporting the Solotes Human Resource Planner software since 1994.

Optimize labor costs with Solotes

Solotes contains many helpful tools for staff scheduling. The system aids in keeping labor costs in the target by providing easy-to-use tools for dimensioning the labor force against the customer flow or sales forecasts.

Solotes system contains comprehensive interpretation of work time laws along with several automated methods for creating the staff schedule. System also helps with the routine tasks related to payment of salaries. It is possible to output an encoded payroll report compatible with most payroll systems in the market.

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The Solotes system is designed to be a tool for all significant tasks of staff scheduling process. The software contains tools for dimensioining resources against sales forecasts as well as reporting actualized work time for salary payment.

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Our customers are planning and tracking the work time of about 40000 employees with Solotes products.

Solotes products are suitable for companies of all sizes and operating in all business areas.

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