Solotes Human Resource Planner

Solotes Human Resource Planner

The Solotes system is designed to be a tool for all significant tasks of staff scheduling process. The software contains tools for dimensioining resources against sales forecasts as well as reporting actualized work time for salary payment. The user interface is designed to work in industry-stadard Windows environment, and is throughly graphical and easy to use.


Fully featured software is divided into easily manageable logical functions:

  • Employee base data
  • Holiday planning
  • Employees’ working time preferences
  • Budgeting
  • Labor force dimensioning
  • Staff scheduling
  • Labor cost tracking
  • Booking of actualized working times
  • Wage type calculation
  • Payroll reporting
  • Work time follow-up, hour bank

Staff scheduling

There are several different methods for staff scheduling in Solotes. The system contains a variety of tools for labor force dimensioning and positioning employees to work shifts.

If your business is based on heavily variating customer flow, it is reasonable to match the labor force to sales forecasts with Solotes tools. In a more regular environment the staff schedule can be created with a rotating schedule template. All the automatic procedures is Solotes can be combined as needed to achieve the perfect outcome.

The system contains a comprehensive interpretation of labor laws and collective labor agreements. The application monitors the users modifications and displays a warning message whenever he or she breaks the rules. Solotes can be configured to work correclty in any business due to its flexible configuration possibilities.

The Solotes Scheduler main window in two different workspaces. Click the thumbnail for larger picture.

Payroll reporting

The system is capable of producing an encoded payroll report that is eligible for most salary payment systems in the market. The monetary values of salary types can be maintained per employee basis, and the system produces accurate labor cost calculations in real-time during schedule planning.

Configurations for calculating payroll values are very flexible. The payroll report can be customized for any business area.

Working hours are broken down to wage types and viewed in Solotes Payroll tool. Click the thumbnail for larger picture.

Solotes system integrates well with existing salary payment systems, point-of-sales software and access control devices. For supporting accurate salary payment, the system contains a deviation report tool, which illustrates differences with planned shifts and actual comings and goings of employees.

Hardware requirements

The Solotes system works in any modern PC. Supported operating systems are Windows 2000 or newer.

Try it out

Best picture of the flexibility and ease-of-use is gained by trying the software yourself. Contact our customer service for details.